Fly Out Menu!

Database Driven.... Just like a Desktop App. Not your ordinary CSS Menu

This menu was developed to support a network of over 2,000 hospitals. A key system requirement was the ability to dynamically configure the menu for each individual user at each specific location based on permission levels and assigned roles.

Click here for a quick demo of the User Interface. However, the really exciting feature is the menu builder toolkit which you have to see to appreciate. To use this menu, you need a working knowledge of Javascript, jQuery and jQueryUI. Also, code on the server must access the database so either Ruby, Python, C#, Java, or other backend software will be required.

If this sounds like something that appeals to you, please view this short video FlyOutMenu.html. Please add Comments if you like. I would like to make this an open source project. So, if you need this type of functionality and you'd like to contribute, there is a sign up form on the menu home page. My email is MG at TheaterOnline dot com, or Contact the Author - Martin Glynn